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First let me say, this isn't the Pretenders Unplugged. The guitars are electrified acoustics and the drums are mic'd. And instead of framing Chrissie's voice with power chords and drums she's backed by a most competent string quartet -- this isn't The Singles minus the Marshall amps. While there's some overlap on the song selection, some notables aren't on this list. All told, it's a beautiful snapshot of Hynde at this point in her career, interpreting old songs in new ways. A case in point is this version of "Back on the Chain Gang" -- my personal favorite. Her vocals express so much raw emotion and regret over a lost love remembered.


  1. Sense of Purpose
  2. Chill Factor
  3. Private Life
  4. Back on the Chain Gang
  5. Kid
  6. I Hurt You
  7. Criminal
  8. Brass in Pocket
  9. 2000 Miles
  10. Hymn to Her
  11. Lovers of Today
  12. The Phone Call
  13. I Go to Sleep
  14. Revolution




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