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Another one of those corrupting influences that Nancy introduced me to was Harry Nilsson. His cover of Badfinger's "Without You" can still take me back to the early 70's, working at Next Door Restaurant and listening to Harry on the jukebox.

Nilsson Schmilsson was his most popular album, and his most entertaining.


  1. Gotta Get Up

  2. Driving Along

  3. Early in the Morning

  4. The Moonbeam Song

  5. Down

  6. Without You

  7. Coconut

  8. Let the Good Times Roll

  9. Jump Into the Fire

  10. Iíll Never Leave You

  11. Si No Estas Ut (Spanish version of Without You)

  12. How Can I Be Sure of You

  13. The Moonbeam Song (Demo)

  14. Lamaze

  15. Old Forgotten Soldier (Demo)

  16. Gotta Get Up (Demo)




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