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I'd like to think that my taste in music has breadth and depth, but I always wind up coming back to The Who. As much as I know about music, it's surprising that I care for them at all. Keith Moon played the drums like he was in time with another group on another planet. Roger Daltrey screamed more than he sang just to be heard above the din. John Entwistle, always standing off to the side looking like he'd seen it all done much better, but oh, the complexity and intensity of those bass lines... Finally Pete Townshend, the alienated loner, windmilling on his guitar.

I know little of the battles between the Mods and the Rockers that was the basis of much of their early work, but their lyrics spoke to me in a way that no other band has since. Click on one of the pictures below to get the details on what's contained on the CD.  






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