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November 30, 2003

Thanksgiving Leftovers

It's been ages since I've written anything here. I've been a little busy, a little tired, a little challenged at getting any computer time here and I really haven't had anything to say of any importance. Guess it's just one of those down cycles.

Tomorrow it's back to work after a week of vacation. It felt good to have absolutely nothing on the agenda for a change. The greatest accomplishment of the week was getting new tires for the Explorer. But considering what December is going to be like, I"m glad that I had the time off to relax. By the time the Christmas tree has been removed from the house I will have been to Chicago and back for a concert that Bailey is playing in and will have skied my butt off in Colorado thru New Years Day.

Thanksgiving Day was truly a time to be thankful and to reflect on how lucky I am to have been born in this day and age. However, this year it was tinged with sadness. We found out that evening that my father-in-law's brother Asa had died. As Irving said later, it was time Asa to go since he was in so much pain, but that it was hard for him to let him go.

On a more upbeat note, we got to have dinner with Daniel's wife, Maeci. It was so long ago when I was like those two, crazy in love and looking forward to the next time that they would be together. Of course, I wasn't fighting a war in the Middle East, but I do know the feeling. It was nice to see the light still burning in her eyes.

So my week off from work ended on the most glorious fall day. Not a cloud in the sky, winds light. The perfect day to take Bailey down to the club to have her run her old man around a bit on the tennis court. Six courts, and not a soul in sight other than us! I wish every day could be spent that way....

Posted by mjwoods at 06:48 PM

November 03, 2003

Central Standard Time Blues

I generally hate this time of the year. While I was grateful for the extra hour of sleep when I set the clock back one hour, the lack of sunlight plays havoc with my Circadian rhythm.

The spring and summer months are so much fun, getting out of work with plenty of sunlight to spare. There’s the promise of adventure awaiting my return to Flower Mound, even if it is just trimming the hedges or cleaning out the garage.

Now I leave home in the first thin light of morning and return to a town bathed in a yellow sodium mist. The only adventure remaining to me is those long walks in solitude on weekend mornings through a sleepy town not yet awake. Sigh... What I wouldn't give for a vacation right now in Mexico or, better yet, Sidney.

But looking on the bright side of things, there is that impending ski trip to Colorado to look forward to, though I ache at the though of the hours ahead of me on the NordicTrac. And I also have Bailey's concert in Chicago before Christmas just on the horizon. Seeing her perform with the marching band was fun, but it really was a beating after a while. I'm so looking forward to the symphonic concert season!

And, of course, there’s the hockey season to enjoy. Go Rangers!

Posted by mjwoods at 11:23 PM

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