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October 15, 2003


Chocolate-covered key lime pie on a stick, fried Milky Ways, fried Oreos, ham corn dog (it just rolls off the tongue, doesn't it?), ice cream hot dogs... Yep, it's State Fair of Texas time in Big D!

We got our, ahem, first taste of the fair last Sunday before attending Mamma Mia! at the Fair Park Music Hall. Spandex, glitter and platform shoes tapping out the beat to a bucketful of old ABBA tunes. Who would of thought that you could build a successful musical comedy out of a bunch of songs written by Agnetha, Benny, Björn & Anni-Frid? It was the best musical of the season! I haven't had this much fun with ABBA music since watching Muriel's Wedding back in the 90's. If you get the chance to see the musical, do it!

One of the great things about a subscription to the Dallas Summer Musicals is that there's usually one playing during the State Fair of Texas, which means we get free admission to the fair along with free parking. We'll make our "official" visit on the 13th when Bailey gets the day off from school along with a free ticket, but we always use our musical visit to scope things out. The must-eat item this year is the Cool Dog -- a hot dog made of cake and ice cream. Well, we looked but couldn't find it last Sunday though the girls did sample the deep fried cheese cake. Personally, I'm partial to corny dogs, turkey legs and Belgian waffles, but I did take a bite. It was "different," but I wouldn't spend another 5 coupons to get another.

Along with the culinary weirdness at the fair comes this "little thing" happening out in California. I wonder if I'll wake up tomorrow morning to find Conan the Republican is now the governor of California. I was reading earlier that Larry "The Smut Peddler Who Cares" Flynt voted at the same polling station as the current governor, Gray Davis who was accompanied by the Rev. Je$$ie Jack$on. Ah, only on the Left Coast!

After the events of last week, I can use a little mindless fun... See you at the fair!

Posted by mjwoods at October 15, 2003 10:21 PM

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