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July 24, 2003

Big Fish and Monsoons – Vacation Day 2

We awoke to a bright sunny San Antonio day, rested and ready to attack Sea World. I’ve been there twice before, and every time I swear never to return in the summertime. Asphalt everywhere, and few places to cool off. The penguin exhibit is a perennial favorite of mine now. However, it wasn’t that hot – yet…

Denise and Bailey rode the Steel Eel first off. I passed on the opportunity since I wasn’t comfortable leaving my camera in the handy bin at the loading platform. Since I missed out on that ride, Bailey insisted that I ride the Great White with her. That ride had so many twists and corkscrews on it that I almost felt like Tom Cruise in Top Gun. It was fun, though I’ll admit that my first few steps on terra firma after I got off were a bit unsteady.

That was enough excitement for me, and there were fish to see! Dolphins frolicking in their tank. Sea lions making fools out of their handlers. My beloved penguin exhibit, and the chance to cool down a bit. And finally, the Shamu Show!

Everything was pretty much as I had remembered it from my last visit. What was different was the monsoon that was about to hit. The skies had been threatening for about the last hour that we were at the park. After seeing Shamu, a light drizzle started and we beat a path for the parking lot – just in time!

There’s nothing worse than being in a strange town with nothing to do. Denise had brought some research to read for the book that she’s writing. Bailey watched some television and I read some books – first some of The Godfather, then a manual on Adobe Photoshop 7 (what can I say, I’m a geek).

Since the rain didn’t seem to be letting up, we decided to eat an early dinner and retire early. Not the most eventful day, but it sure the hell beat sitting in a cube at my office.

Posted by mjwoods at July 24, 2003 11:48 PM

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