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July 01, 2003

There'll Never Be Two Friends Like You And Me...

I'm not sure how I feel about being the facilitator of someone's habit, especially a friend that I love dearly. But when Killer wrote that she was unable to secure a reliable source for her beloved Doritos™ Salsa Verde chips up in Boston, I relented and shipped her six bags. It could be an expensive habit...

The chips were on me, but Killer offered and I accepted her promise to pay the shipping. What I didn't expect was her novel approach to payment, and was surprised when I saw the box from Amazon on the counter in the kitchen. In the box was a book that I had been meaning to order for some time, along with two audio CDs that I had been wanting to give a listen to.

Yes, my memory isn't the best in the world. In fact, it's quite poor. I have ordered a few things in the past few weeks from Amazon, but I knew that I hadn't ordered these particular items. Then I spotted the packing list, saw Killer's name in the billing address section and remembered that all of these items were on my wish list out on Amazon. Thank you sweetheart! Yes, much better than a check!

I've been listening to one of the CDs all evening, Nanci Griffith's Winter Marquee. I heard her on KERA 90.1 a couple of weeks ago singing Speed of the Sound of Loneliness, and just had to have more. Eager with anticipation, I put it in the CD player this morning and started off for work. Very good! Started off with Speed, then into some good solid C&W music more than a hint of folk mixed it. Cruised into work and put the CD into the drink holder on my computer and listened some more.

The sixth track, There's A Light Beyond These Woods (Mary Margaret), kind of snuck up on me. Serendipitous...

(Nanci Griffith)

There's a light beyond these woods, Mary Margaret
Do you think that we will go there
And see what makes it shine, Mary Margaret
It's almost morning, and we've talked all night
You know we've made big plans for ten-year-olds, you and I

Have you met my new boyfriend, Margaret
His name is John, and he rides my bus to school
And he holds my hand, he's fourteen, he's my older man
We'll still be the best of friends, the three of us
Margaret, John, and I

Let's go to New York City, Margaret
We'll hide out in the subways, we'll drink the poets' wine
Oh, but I had John, so you went and I stayed behind
But you were home in time for the senior prom
When we lost John

The fantasies we planned, oh, I'm living them now
All the dreams we sang when we knew how, well, they haven't changed
And there'll never been two friends like you and me, Mary Margaret

It's nice to see your family growing, Margaret
Your daughter and your husband here, they really treat you right
But we've talked all night, now what about those lights
That glowed beyond our woods when we were ten
You were the rambler then

The fantasies we planned, oh Maggie, I'm living them now
All the dreams we sang, oh, we damn sure knew how, and I'll never change
There'll never be two friends like you and me, Maggie can't you see

There's a light beyond these woods, Mary Margaret

©1983 Wing & Wheel Music, (BMI)

The number of really close friends that I know that I could call in the middle of the night for help can be counted on one hand. They are one of life's blessings.

Killer and I have only lived in the same time zone for six weeks when we met during Basic Training over half a lifetime ago. Then she was off to New York and getting married when I was in Florida, or in Germany with a son when I was back in Texas, then finally she settled back in her native Boston and raised her family. There's no rational reason why we managed to stay in touch but then, there’ll never be two friends like the two of us are.

Posted by mjwoods at July 1, 2003 10:15 PM

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