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May 26, 2003

A Pain in the... Knees?

There's just no way around it -- my body just plain HURTS. Looking on the bright side, however, I'm secure in the knowledge that what I'm feeling right now is much better than I'll feel in the morning...

Bailey finally talked me into taking her to the club today to hit some tennis balls. Before long, she'll be hitting consistently, but until then it's shots that barely make it over the net when I'm on the baseline (we haven't covered drop volleys yet), shots that sail over my head when I'm at the net (we haven't covered lobs yet, to the best of my knowledge), shots that go left when I'm on the right, etc... If I didn't know better, I'd swear that she was doing it on purpose.

Oh, I was nice to her, and hit shots at a pace that she'd have a chance of hitting back. Er, unless she hit wide to my forehand -- I just can't resist belting one cross court when that happens. The new strings are great, and the increase in tension that the pro put on them really improved my control and allows me to put a lot more topspin on the ball without drilling it through the back fence.

But now it's time to follow the advice given by a former friend, and start taking some meds to dull the pain. Tomorrow is a work day, and I've a lot to get done.

I managed to stay away from work for most of this holiday weekend. Two hours on Sunday was all that I allowed myself. I dread this phase of a project. You plan, design and test, and still the unexpected happens. Every evening that I had something planned last week was ruined due to work. Well, that's the career that I've chosen, and that sort of stuff comes with the territory. Rather than gripe about things, it's best to just work through it and pray that it's enough.

One more week of school for Lil Bit, then she's off to Dallas for a mission trip with church, then Baylor for band camp, a few art camps in there somewhere, then marching band boot camp. We may even work a vacation into the schedule if we're lucky...

Yes, my body aches, and reminds me of a wonderful afternoon spent with my daughter that I love like no other. I'd call that a fair trade...

Posted by mjwoods at May 26, 2003 10:49 PM

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