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April 27, 2003

The Dark Side of Info Tech

Why didn't I stick with accounting? How many accountants do you know that are sitting at their desks at 23:15 on a Saturday night verifying their work...

As I recall, Principals of Accounting I & II were somewhat interesting. It was Macro Economics that turned me against accounting as a career choice -- BORING!

The path that I took led me to computers, and I really have few complaints. It's been a fun career for the most part.

OH GREAT! The guard insisted on turning on all of the lights inside the building -- I told him that I was just fine with them off. Night work is best done in the glow of the desk lamp and monitor. Now it feels like I should have proper work clothes on instead of shorts and a T-shirt.

Anyway, it's been a fun career, even discounting the missed vacations and holidays. Tonight is the last bit of paid overtime that I'll get for a while. Monday I will be an official employee. I've made the transition from consultant to employee a few times in my life. It's sort of like dating someone then getting married to them -- nothing should change, but it always seems to. I think that the biggest change will be the overtime. They were reluctant to insist on it in the past since I got paid for it, now it will probably be expected of me. No big deal -- that's what fast Internet access and VPN networks at home are for.

23:30 -- Thirty minutes till Showtime. Last minute verifications that the scheduler has all of my batch jobs lined up and ready to go.

I look back on my twenty-eight years in the biz and marvel at the twists and turns that I've taken to get here. I used to believe that it was just good fortune and a bit of luck, but that doesn't give the Father any credit and all of the credit is due Him. The course that I've navigated to arrive here is just too unlikely not to have Him in control of it.

Well, things are starting to get busy here so I'll publish this now and then turn my attention to what I'm supposed to be doing.

01:30 -- Home at last! But here's the rub -- I'm buzzing on caffeine now and it will take some time to clear my mind enough to sleep. Thankfully it was a successful installation with no anomalies. Time to get horizontal and work at getting some rest...

Posted by mjwoods at April 27, 2003 02:05 AM

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