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January 22, 2004


The fact that it's the 22nd of the month and this is my first entry for said month should tell you something of how January has been going for me. After a particularly wild December, I had hoped that this month would offer a more sedate pace. Well, it hasn't so far...

Mostly it's work. We had a software release installation that didn't go in as well as we had hoped, and all hell broke loose around here. We've been scrambling since then to correct mistakes in the files. And while I had nothing to do with any of the program changes, nor are any of the screwed up files ones that I work with, I've been tasked with fixing them since my system contains the correct values. The logic required to do this isn't much of a stretch, but the files that I have to dig through are huge, so it's a very time consuming process -- minutes become hours and before you know it, it's very late in the evening.

My body has finally healed from the latest skiing expedition. The most visible sign was a nasty bruise that ran on the inside of my left arm from just below my armpit to just above my wrist. Note to self: next time insist that the binding settings are set to intermediate instead of beginner... It was embarrassing to be skiing in control, but bouncing out of the bindings and taking a tumble. Ah, but the trip was worth it! I loved Copper Mountain and Frisco Colorado. It might even be fun to live there someday, though I'll reserve judgment on that until we return, hopefully, this summer to see what it's like then. I'm not sure what hiking at 12,000 feet will be like, but some neighbors of ours that live there during the summer say it's a blast.

So other than work, the year seems to be off to a good start. We’re all relatively healthy, though I’ve been struggling with a sinus problem that I picked up right before Christmas. The bills are getting paid on time and there have been no major domestic problems other than the normal stuff that teens cause. In other words, life is good…

Posted by mjwoods at January 22, 2004 10:47 AM
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