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March 27, 2004

Little Bird

03:00 and I'm wide awake staring at my screen here at home. Just finished with a series of calls to and from work -- nice to be responsible for software that I have no way of accessing. There's a secure system for you! Sometimes I swear that the 3rd shift operators just get lonely and want someone to talk to...

It doesn't appear that sleep will find me for a couple of hours, if then. It will be interesting to see how this will affect my tennis match today at Ridgelea -- perhaps I can take a short nap between games? Thank God it's a doubles match today! I don't know what I did to my left leg during Monday's practice (though three doubles sets and two singles sets might have had something to do with it), but it hurts like the dickens. But experience tells me that nothing is torn -- must be some of that old age stuff again...

So while I write away I think I'll listen to some Jerry Jeff Walker, seems to fit my mood presently. C&W music is tailor made for that wide-awake, 3 o'clock in the morning feeling.

I purchased a copy of Viva Terlingua back when I attended Texas Tech back in the early 70s, and it was one of my favorites at the time. It was a welcome reprieve from blasting my eardrums out to Emerson, Lake and Palmer. Little Bird was, in my opinion, the best track on the album. I recently purchased the CD in a fit of nostaglia -- 'ol Scamp Walker sounds just the same...

Little Bird (Jerry Jeff Walker)
Little bird come set upon my window sill
Sat there thru the pourin' rain
I watched that little bird upon my window sill
I saw my thoughts of you go by again

Picture of my face on the window pane
Is it tears I see or is it rain?

I remember how we talked before we said goodbye
To young to notice the world outside our door
And how we laughed and said our love was free
Like birds that fly the winds
Well the rainy day made me think of you once more


I have no regrets about the past I see how young we were
When our world was love and life was but a thought
Many things go many ways and many times but once
Our lives have passed and that love is but a thought


So as the thoughts go tumblin' back I wonder how you loved
Wonder if you've seen that little bird
I wonder if he's sat upon your window sill
I wonder if you'll ever hear these words

Isn't it weird how sounds and words can transport you back to another time and place. Part of me can almost feel that little dorm room back in Lubbock with all of that dust everywhere. But this song also serves to bring back memories of a more contemporary nature. Funny, that normally doesn't happen to me.

Later today I'll get to see my nephew Daniel and his wife Maeci. This is a surprise visit -- I didn't expect to see him until June 12th when the whole clan embarks on the cruise out of Galveston. Mayan pyramids, snorkeling in Cozumel and whatever one does in Belize -- I can hardly wait. I'm toying with the idea of attempting to get The Teenager Formerly Known as Bailey to get her "C" card with me so that we can scuba in Belize. I know that I'm game.

Scuba? Sometimes I wonder if I have a death wish. Well, at least I won't be jumping out of an airplane this weekend like three of my co-workers will be doing. I kind of like the idea of exploring at two to three atmospheres as opposed to flailing away at 15,000 feet.

Sleep beckons finally, even though my destination is the couch. I hate the on call rotation, and pray that my pager is silent for the rest of the weekend. But pagers come with the territory along with the stress and conflict that is normal for this job. However, all of the negative baggage that comes with this job does make vacations just that much more enjoyable!

Posted by mjwoods at March 27, 2004 03:57 AM

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