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March 28, 2004


He's back! The little kid who I used to bounce on my knee, or throw around in the pool is back from Iraq. He's not so little anymore...

Our regularly scheduled poker game was interrupted when the news that Daniel and Maeci were going to be in town hit the wires. A little planning and some favors called in netted us the makings of a great homecoming party. All of the family was there with a few neighbors and the regular poker crew in attendance.

I guess that I expected to get one of those bone-crushing handshakes from him when he walked into the room -- the bone-crushing bear hug threw me totally off balance! That little kid now towers over me, and a year in the desert has him in excellent shape. I don't think that I'll be throwing him around in the pool anymore...

We didn't get to talk much about his experiences over there -- just a few oblique references were made and I was left with a general feeling that life pretty much sucked over there. But the guage that I always use is the eyes, and his were clear and as light-hearted as ever. Of course his wife was always close by, and how could the world ever become clouded with Maeci around!

I found out from her that she's taking college classes in photography. Most new brides would be ecstatic with a place setting of their favorite china. I wonder what she'll think about the kinds of presents I prefer... Oh well, best to wait and see if this is really where her passion lies.

It was great to see Daniel again, and in such great spirits. I can't wait until the cruise so that we can really spend some time together.

Posted by mjwoods at March 28, 2004 10:32 PM

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