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June 11, 2004


Today was my last day in the office for two weeks! Tomorrow Iím driving to Galveston and Sunday Iíll board a boat for a seven day cruise to the Western Caribbean. When I return Iíll be putting on my student hat and attending class for a week to learn about the relational database that my company has chosen to drive a new recovery application.

Two whole weeks without worrying about all things Citi! It will be a timely break Ė right before the death march that will start upon my return. From then until March 2005 things will be hectic, hair will be pulled out, voices will be raised and sleep will be missed. Too bad that the software vendor we use is less concerned about a quality product then gouging us on deliverables. I still wish that Citi would give me the 3 million dollars and let me develop the product.

Since I last wrote in this journal I managed to lose one computer, bring one back from the dead and wound up purchasing two additional boxes, among other things. The web cam that I bought is fantastic, though Iíve only managed to use it once since installing it. I could think of no one other than Killer to have my inaugural video chat with. Twenty some odd years later and she still looks great Ė wish that I could say the same for me!

I got to hear my daughter play a concert last night at The University of Texas at Arlington. The highlight of the concert for me was ďShepardís HeyĒ by Percy Grainger and the loveliest oboe solo that Iíve ever heard her play. Since she was gone all week, I had no idea what sheíd be playing or that she had a solo. It was wonderful to be surprised that way! After the concert I walked her back to her dorm thru the UTA campus. What I would have given to have walked that path thirty years agoÖ

As usual, the hour is late and Iíve much to do before I sleep. But I have a whole week ahead of me of nothing to do but relax, and Iíve been neglecting my journal way too much lately. I guess that Iíll have plenty to record when I return so Iíll close here and finish my choresÖ

Posted by mjwoods at June 11, 2004 11:46 PM

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